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Yahoo Astique

Yahoo Astique is a clan of Overseas Filipino Workers and aspirants around the globe, formed and organized through the OFW Zone 19 yahoo messenger chatroom.


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    Astique Rules ....


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    Astique Rules ....

    Post by _w0nderw0man_ on November 27th 2012, 14:17

    TheAstique are a clan formed to help those in need.
    You must promote the Astique and their aim to help those who are poverty stricken or financially struggling. You must abide by the rules and promote the same moral values they uphold....

    Astique Rules:

    1. Members are not allowed to flirt with other people if they are already attached.

    2. You must respect each member and not make any inappropriate jokes.

    3. It is compulsory to have your uniform before entering the room and more importantly it is compulsory to enter the room with your uniform before entering with any other ids.

    4. The moderator/president/officers do not have to tell you to ignore those who are being silly in the chat room, you should automatically do so.

    5. Those who fail to follow the rules will be charged with a penalty of USD $10.

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